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Key Cutting

Do you only have one key for your house and want an extra? Or, is the key worn and should be replaced? You are likely in need of key cutting in Maple Ridge, British Columbia. Turn to our company to have new keys cut swiftly and the job done by experienced locksmiths. One message or call to Locksmith Maple Ridge will do.

Ready to serve Maple Ridge key cutting needs

Key Cutting Maple Ridge

Although most Maple Ridge key cutting requests are not urgent, our team is ready to assist. In other words, the moment you need new keys for your car, cabinet, house door, office, or elsewhere, you let us know.

What’s key cutting, really? It’s making keys by using the original keys. The locksmith takes your key and with the right key-cutting machine makes one or several copies. This service is useful to those who want key duplication. It’s also useful for those whose keys are worn or somehow damaged and must be replaced.

From key replacement to key duplication, all needs are covered

You will be happy to know that no matter what key service you need, a Maple Ridge locksmith will soon be with you. And will be fully prepared to cut keys.

  •          Do you need copies of a key? Properly equipped and skilled in key duplicating, the assigned pros complete the job above all expectations. That’s vital. Keys are cut with the precision required to work smoothly. Do you want an extra car key made? One more key for the house’s front door? A few copies of an office key? Let us send a pro to make new keys for you.
  •          Is one of your keys distorted? When it comes to a damaged key, replacing the key swiftly is very important. The whole point is to get a new key before the existing one gets stuck or breaks. Have you noticed some key corrosion? Is it difficult to insert a key in its lock? Whether the damage is limited or extensive, reach out to our team to have the key replaced.

Let us assure you that if you want a car key cut and this is a transponder key, the key is also programmed. Don’t have such concerns. The Maple Ridge locksmiths assigned to make keys are equipped fully and have the qualifications, knowledge, and experience to handle all jobs by the book. If you want new keys, don’t take chances with the way they are cut. Choose us for the key cutting Maple Ridge service.